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Maine Spine & Nerve Institute

February 2014

Medical practice website rebuild, branding, marketing, print and digital advertising.

 Medical Practice Website and Rebranding

Medical Office Grows Web Design, Branding & Marketing

Like most businesses, a medical office provides services to only patients (clients) with specific needs and for which they can provide positive results. Maine Spine and Nerve delivers pain relief to many patients who suffer from spinal issues and neuropathy and, after treatment, are often able to return to an active life.

The original Maine Spine & Nerve website was dark, not well organized and focused on the pain patients were experiencing. The brand message was inconsistent and visually unappealing.  In addition, the website wasn't showing up in searches and didn't engage with visitors nor encourage them to take action. Following a series of discovery meetings where we learned about MSNI and their patients, a new websites was built that focuses on "Getting Your Life Back." Soft colors and engaging photos are used generously throughout the website along with quality copy, videos and patient testimonials to inform prospective patients about services. The new website is attractive, informative, engaging and converting visitors to patients.

Since the practice treats a select population, a self-screening questionnaire was used to help sort potentially qualified patients from patients who can not be treated. Once a potential patient has successfully completed the questionnaire, they are provided an opportunity to schedule their appointment online. Standard website features include content management, patient database and email marketing to continue conversations with patients.

An SEO package has helped Maine Spine & Nerve Institute develop a strong online presence and be recognized as a leader in their field. GCMD also upgraded their online listings and directories so MSNI is found in numerous searches.

Maine Spine & Nerve also ran a number of digital advertising through the newspaper that drove traffic to a carefully, crafted landing page designed to bring patients through a survey and ultimately visit the office for treatment.  Conversions for the digital ads was significantly higher than similar digital ads run by other businesses.  The digital ads coincided with print newspaper ads who had a similar theme to message and visuals.

"I owe Alexandra and GCMD a debt of gratitude. Alexandra has played a pivotal role in the design and launch of our website, marketing materials and marketing strategy. She has always been professional, and insightful with great advice. I know she stays abreast with current advancements in technology and is knowledgeable about their application. The ability to access her has been great and I truly feel our best interest has been her best interest. GCMD continues to be pivotal to our success and a pleasure to work with. I recommend them highly without reserve."- Dr. VanderPloeg



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