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Baldacci Real Estate Group


Commercial real estate developer/broker brochures

 Baldacci Real Estate Group

Commercial Real Estate Brochures

The Baldacci Group (and Northeast Properties) works with established developers and experienced commercial real estate investors to market their properties. When an experienced commercial real estate broker approached GCMD about creating property brochures, he couldn’t provide attractive and informative brochures to prospective buyers.

After meeting with the client to discuss their goals and branding, GCMD designed branded brochure layout that became the boiler-plate for all property brochures. The new four-page brochures are bold in design and feature a large main photo, address in large letters with a summary of facts on the cover. The interior pages provide details for the property, photographs, drawings and map of the area.

While the brochure could be printed, they are usually saved as PDF files and uploaded to numerous commercial real estate listing services or emailed to prospective buyers. The brochures have expanded the company’s brand image and facilities the marketing for many commercial properties throughout the state.


Four-Page Brochure


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