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The Right Plan at the Right Time

GCMD Agency - Strategy-Driven Marketing

Marketing Strategies that Drive Success.

You can’t arrive until you know your destination and how you’re going to get there.

Success online is all in the strategy. No two businesses are the same, nor do they work with the same types of customers. We’ll partner with you to develop a strategy that drives potential customers to your business, and we’ll recommend only the services you need to reach your customers.

At GCMD, mapping out a strategy that uses the most powerful tools and tactics available is how we deliver your success. Data analysis, market research, and good old fashioned know-how will help us determine your target market. Because knowing who your customer isn’t is just as important as knowing who it is.

It’s all about the marketing strategy.

The critical step in creating an effective marketing campaign is intimately knowing your ideal customer and using that knowledge to create content they like and identifying activities that connect with them. An effective marketing strategy delivers a consistent message and brand everywhere your customer looks.

Content Marketing that customers love.

Great content touches the heart and mind of your customer, sparks an interest in your company and inspires them to reach out to you. It speaks their language and feels like a two-way conversation with a trusted friend.

Content marketing can include compelling website copy and graphics to blog articles, client stories, videos, and podcasts. We’ll even create great content for social media to share with potential customers that ignites conversations and sales.

Attract customers with Inbound Marketing.

Like a magnet, inbound marketing attracts the right customers to your website and business. We use tactics like landing pages and offers to bring your website visitors through a pre-defined sales funnel to become customers. Marketing systems can be implemented that automatically attract customers, educate them on what you do and collect qualified leads.

Digital Marketing for immediate results.

Does your marketing need a fast boost? Digital marketing may deliver the immediate increase in web or business traffic you need. Our digital marketing services include digital display advertising, native and contextual advertising, social media, email marketing, pay-per-click, social media advertising.

Print Marketing isn’t dead.

Print marketing is far from dead or obsolete. With new printing processes and reduced costs, print marketing remains a viable medium for reaching potential customers. Print marketing includes business cards, letterhead, brochures, direct mail, print advertising, signage and promotional items. See our graphic design portfolio for samples of print marketing services.

Public Relations and Media Marketing.

Marketing isn’t limited. Online and print, public relations, television and radio are all viable channels for reaching potential customers. GCMD has the resources to help you reach your customers using all these channels.

Hire Us We’ll help you develop a marketing strategy to reach your ideal customers.

What kind of marketing does GCMD do?

Content Marketing | GCMD web design branding marketing | Portland, ME

Content Marketing

Website Copy 
Blog Articles
Case Studies

Inbound Marketing | GCMD web design branding marketing | Portland, ME

Inbound Marketing

Landing Pages
eBooks | Downloadables
Email Marketing

Advertising Graphics | GCMD web design branding marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Retail Advertising
PPC Advertising
Social Media Advertising


Print Marketing | GCMD web design branding marketing | Portland, ME

Print Marketing

Marketing Collateral
Print Advertising

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