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Construction Websites, Branding & Marketing

Customers want to work with the best contractors and so do employees.
“Put your best foot forward” with a strong online presence that makes a positive impression on the people you’re trying to reach.

We understand construction.

We’ve worked in the construction industry and we know web design, branding and marketing so it makes sense for us focus on providing the construction industry quality design and marketing services that help them look their best, attract the right clients and employees and grow. 

Build a strong website with brand recognition.

Constructing a new website is a lot like building a structure. First, we plan our build through use of our Granular Process. This process enables us to create a solid foundation on which to construct a website or even a marketing strategy.

Once the foundation has been layed, we start framing a website with a strong navigation structure that works for both website users and search engines.

Just like siding, sheetrock and trimming a building, design is important for the aesthetic appeal of your website so we’ll create a compelling design that exemplifies your business.

Content is your message for visitors and SEO; it continues the build-out process. We plan content carefully and use our experienced writers, photographers and videographer to create quality content that attract the right customers and engages with visitors.

We build-in all core systems, like SEO and interactive features, then test it before we launch your website. This ensures your website shows up in relevant searches and encourages visitors to connect with you. Just like a product or service warranty, we warranty our work for 30 days to ensure quality.

Construction brand builders and marketing strategists.

Pine State Standby PowerWe all need a plan, whether constructing a building or a design and marketing strategy, to reach our goals and get a positive outcome. At GCMD, we take the time to learn why your business is unique, who is your ideal client and how to best reach them with your message. We use a number of marketing tactics to keep your business in front of the right clients and drive sales to your business. Once we understand your business personality and the clients you're trying to reach, then we can develop a brand identity and marketing strategy. Here are some of the services we offer.

Graphic Design & Branding

Need a new logo or marketing brochure? We’ve designed eye-catching logos and marketing pieces that makes your business look professional and its absolute best. After all, if you’re providing your clients quality work, shouldn't your marketing reflect the quality you deliver every day?

Social Media Management

While we all want to be “Liked”, social media is really about developing conversations with potential clients online. We do this by creating quality visual and written content, sharing stories, photos, and engaging in conversations with potential clients. Our social media strategy increases brand awareness, increases web traffic and has seen revenues climb.

Email Marketing

Email is still a great way to stay in front of current and potential clients. Quality content is the key to keeping readers coming back for future email campaigns. We can create visually appealing emails that work on cell phones, keep your clients engaged and calling you for services.

Content Creation - Professional writing, video and photography

Quality writing is critical to the success of your website, marketing pieces, blogging, email marketing and even social media. Great writing, tells your story, feels like a two-way conversation and builds trust with your clients. Strong calls to action motivate readers to take action and, over time, become clients. Videography and photography create captivating visuals that engage with viewers. Isn’t that way it should be?

Print Advertising and Digital Marketing

Yes, we can even help you out with advertising, whether its print advertising or online advertising. We’ve created ads for magazines, newspapers and other print publications and gotten rave reviews. We’ve also created animated online ads, digital ads, Facebook ads, Google Adwords and Retargeting to drive traffic to your website and convert traffic into sales.

Ready to Get Started?

To learn how we can help your construction business grow through robust web design, branding and marketing, give us call at 207-464-0016. Better yet, send us a message or just Hire us!

Web Design | GCMD

Web Design & SEO

Beautiful websites found by customers.

Robust websites can streamline business processes, create credibility and attract customers. Measure your success with data analytics for quick decision making. Combine your website with trending web strategies and your business is sure to be a success!

Web Design Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Success is a well-planned strategy.

Planning a successful marketing campaign takes strategy that targets your ideal customer and brings them through a sales funnel. We'll identify the right marketing tactics that reach your target audience directing them to your business.

Search Engine Optimization | GCMD web design branding marketing

Graphic Design & Branding

Professional design impresses clients.

We can create just about any graphic design your business needs, including logos and brand identity, business cards, letterhead, brochures & rack cards, tradeshow booths & handouts. Whatever your vision is, we can design it. Let us know what you have in mind!

Website Maintenance Packages | GCMD web design branding marketing

Marketing Tactics

Attract clients to your business.

We use a number of different marketing tactics to reach your ideal client, such as email marketing, social media management, direct mail, and digital advertising (Facebook & Google ad). If you need to reach clients, we can develop a plan to help you reach your goals. 

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