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Personalized Marketing Builds Trust and Sales

Posted by: Alexandra Heseltine - Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Let's keep it personal .... no, really.

How often do you get emails from companies that you've never heard of , don’t have a relationship with you and don’t know what you care about?

If you’re like me, it happens regularly.

What if these same companies used digital ads geared to your interests, provided you valuable information or an offer in exchange for contact information? Would you be more likely to read their future emails? Probably.

Taking personalization one step further.

What if your company was trying to reach a specific market and develop relationships with those individuals or companies? Would additional data about these audiences help you better reach the right people? Could Artificial Intelligence help sort through collected data to help you develop quality customer personas and reach the right people with relevant messages, information or offers?

What if you were trying to better connect with current clients? Would other business data help you stay connected with those customers to develop ongoing relationships, referrals and grow business?

It really is personal ...

All of this sounds less than personal but marketing can be very personal and, in the long run, develop relationships by providing customers information that is not only relevant but sought after, welcomed and arrives at just the right time.

This is where Personalization Marketing tactics come into play and can be done by most businesses to grow revenues over time.  6 Email Personalization Techniques offers real-world strategies that go beyond a name at the beginning of an email. With a good strategy, personalization can keep customers coming back and reach new customers. Use data currently available or create new data through marketing campaigns to build personal messages and trust with customers.

Personalization Marketing - What it does.

Personalized marketing uses multi-channel messages to create stronger relationships. It can continue relationship growth through advanced email marketing strategies. Sending automatic personal messages to customers a follow ups to sales calls, campaign triggers, life milestones and more to create conversations. All data and interactions are stored in a CRM for sales to close deals.

If you’re interested in testing out Personalization Marketing, reach out to us. We have new Personalization Tools we’d love to share with you.

 Alexandra Heseltine | Marketing pro and creative director with over 25 years experience working with mid-sized to larger businesses and non-profits with experience in the construction, legal, banking and B2B sectors.

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