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How to Create a Google Business Listing

Posted by: Alexandra Heseltine - Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Have you ever wondered how businesses show up in the business listings on the right site of a Google search? Or maybe you’ve wondered why your Google Business Listing is no longer showing up in searches.

Google+ Business Listings is a free tool from Google to enable your business to show up in Google searches.  Typically the business listing is seen on the right side of the screen. 

Claim Your Business Listing

Google has listed many businesses in their Business Listings so all you have to do is claim your business, make needed updates and verify the listing either through the mail or phone call.  Make sure your business profile is as complete as possible and upload a few photos to finish your profile. 

New Business Listing

If your business is not listed, then you can create your own Google+ Business Listing by signing into your Google account and going to Google+. Click on the dropdown menu under Home (left side), then click on Pages and this should allow you to set up your Business Listing. Complete all information as accurately as possible in all 20 fields. Some changes are difficult to make once the listing has been verified so getting it right the first time is important. Make sure you include your website address for an important backlink to your website and you use product or service keywords in the description.

Duplicate Listing

Sometimes a listing is accidentally listed more than once.  You can delete the duplicate listing yourself by following the online instructions.  Your Business Listing will not show up until the duplicate is removed and the correct listing has been verified.

Category is Not Available

If you category is not available, and it’s the only one that makes sense for your business, you can contact Google and request a category be added.  Plan on this process taking some time to be resolved.

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations, each location should have its own business listing. This step will allow each location to show up in local Google searches.

Reviews are important

Having customers leave reviews on your Business Listing plays a big part in your business showing up in searches.  Encourage customers to leave a positive review on your Google listing.

Changes over the Past Year

Google has made a few changes to the Business Listing functionality and visibility in searches over the past year.

  1. Google is closely matching the information you provide in your Google+ business listing, website and other online listings to make sure they are identical.  Listings that are not identical may show up as a different business in searches and will affect your SEO or your listing may not show in searches at all.
  2. Google is now hiding listings that aren’t verified or haven’t been visited in six months.  While this is troublesome, this process is Google’s way of ensuring that businesses found in Google searches is current and accurate.
  3. Google recently changed the way Business Listings show up in desktop views to match mobile viewing.  Desktop view will only show three Business Listings instead of seven.  So optimizing your Business Listing will be more important than ever.

If you’d like to learn more about Google+ Business Listings and other online listings to help potential customers find your business, reach out to us at Design@GCMD.Agency

 Alexandra Heseltine | Marketing pro and creative director with over 25 years experience working with mid-sized to larger businesses and non-profits with experience in the construction, legal, banking and B2B sectors.

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