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Enhancing Your Brand & Reputation with Irresistible Content

Posted by: Alexandra Heseltine - Thursday, June 14, 2018

Imagine calling a decision-maker to pitch a product or service and they already know about you. Better yet, they’re ready to listen to your pitch. As it turns out, they've been reading your articles, blog, website and social media posts and had come to know you as a trustworthy person or company.

If you’re a decision-maker at your company, you probably checked out consultants, sales people and potential employees online before having a conversation with them. You know about their background through LinkedIn, their character through social media posts and their expertise from the articles they’ve published. (They may have checked you out online too.)

What does your online brand say about you and your company?

Whether you like it or not, your reputation is all over the web and easily found by almost anyone. If you choose not to be online, the people you’re trying to build a relationship with may see you as old school, out-of-touch or untrustworthy - which can hurt your brand.

To protect your brand, monitor your online reputation every three to six months by running a simple search of your personal or company brand to learn how your community is perceiving you. Is the information accurate? Does it need updating? Can it be modified or improved? Is anyone monitoring your business reviews and social media posts then responding? Does it look like no one has checked your online reputation for some time?

Proactively Manage Your Brand

While you can’t entirely control how others perceive your brand, there are steps you can take to better manage brand perception.

Create content you can control, such as blog articles, videos, email campaigns and web content. Share or post thought-provoking social media content that enhances your reputation and expertise within your sphere of influence.

Learning how to craft irresistible blog articles that customers crave is a great way to expand your reputation and improve your online brand. Share these articles through social media, email marketing, on your website and on other blogs that are read by your target audience.

Video and webinars can tell your story on a more personal level and are great way to develop your brand. These tools can also be used to develop ongoing relationships.

Regarding social media, good manners and timing are critical for managing social posts. Always be professional and the “good sport”, even in discussions on controversial topics. Share articles or ask questions of your LinkedIn connections to develop a trustworthy relationship before trying to sell them something. Nothing builds a brand (or sales) better than a personal relationship.

Repairing a damaged brand will take a solid strategy that is consistently implemented over time to produce results. To learn more about repairing your online brand, read Brand Aid by Larry Linne and Patrick Sitkins.

If you’d like to learn more about brand management or need assistance with your brand, give us a call at 464-0016 or send us a message at We’d love to talk to you.

 Alexandra Heseltine | Marketing pro and creative director with over 25 years experience working with mid-sized to larger businesses and non-profits with experience in the construction, legal, banking and B2B sectors.

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