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9 Ways to Improve your Web Presence

Posted by: Alexandra Heseltine - Monday, January 16, 2017

There are many ways to create a powerful online presence beside building a rocking website. Yes, a quality website is important but a website alone won’t create an online presence.

A strong online presence and brand recognition starts with a strategy for reaching the right people with your message where they are looking for businesses like yours. So, of course, knowing your customer intimately is the first step to creating your online presence. Here are some rock-solid ways to show up online and get noticed.

Google My Business

It should go without saying, your business needs to show up in Google searches. Google My Business is a great way for your business to show up in searches without a website. Complete as many fields in this online tool as possible and include keywords to help with searches. Google My Business integrates with Google Analytics, YouTube and Google Adwords for single-source reporting and management.

Bing Places for Business

Similar to Google My Business, Bing Places enables your business to show up in searches that are conducted on Bing. This tool also integrates with analytics and other online tools to enable websites to show up in Bing searches.

Review Sites

Depending on your business, being listed on review sites can drive traffic to your door. Websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor will not only help your business show up in searches but allow customers to leave reviews. Businesses with a portfolio of reviews (hopefully positive reviews), show up higher in searches.


Just having your business listed in a directory like YellowPages or WhitePages helps customers find your business. There are a many directory websites that you should consider, including local directories. Directories enable your business listing to come up in local searches.

Business and Trade Directories

If your business belongs to a professional organization, make sure it’s listed on the organization’s website. This is a great way for other members to learn about your business and to build your online credibility.

Social Media

Using the right social media channel to engage with your customers can greatly improve your online reputation, if managed with skill. Not only will social posts engage with customers, it usually shows up well in searches. Select the social platforms used by your target audience, master the tools and strategies for each platform and start posting!

News and Online Publications

Getting in the news is usually good news for your business. Mentions in the news can be announcements, awards or noteworthy events. If you submit this type of news to the publisher, you’ll have full control over the content.  Writing a regular byline for a publication is a great way to show up online as well as you and your business as experts in your industry. While this tactic falls under heading of PR and marketing, it is a  also a good strategy for increasing web visibility since you're articles will come up in searches for specific articles and announcements.

Blogging and Guest Blogging

Writing great content or creating a strong visual, like an infographic, can return big benefits for your business. is one of many blogging sites that accept article submissions. Pick a blogging site that is read by your customers. Trade publications area always looking for quality, insightful content so submit articles to these online publishers and make sure your bio is included.

Videos and Podcasts

Creating great videos that show up in YouTube is not only a good marketing strategy but can also help your business show up in searches. Since Google owns YouTube and a business can create its own channel, all videos will show up in Google searches. Make sure you write a good description for each video using relevant keywords about your company.

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 Alexandra Heseltine | Marketing pro and creative director with over 25 years experience working with mid-sized to larger businesses and non-profits with experience in the construction, legal, banking and B2B sectors.

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