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6 Rocking Web Design Trends for 2017

Posted by: Alexandra Heseltine - Friday, February 10, 2017

Like a Swiss army knife, today’s websites are expected to work hard and use a variety of tools to accomplish their goals. A company’s website should build and strengthen the brand, entertain and educate visitors, streamline processes, and attract potential customers, turning them into viable leads. Websites also need to be built correctly from the start, so they can immediately begin showing up in search results. That’s a tall order!

It’s a given that today’s websites must be mobile-friendly. From whatever type of device a user is on, websites must offer stellar design and pure engagement in their functionality, encouraging visitors to return often. Great websites have the following characteristics:

Strong Branding

An outstanding website will expand or establish your online brand through quality graphics, written content that resonates with visitors, and an experience consistent with the brand’s other marketing channels. To accomplish these lofty goals, brands need to know their customers intimately.

Sophisticated Design

With strong, clean designs and bold fonts, many websites resemble high-quality brochures. Navigation can be located anywhere “above the fold” and includes multiple menus. Slideshows may include videos or full-motion and, of course, strong Calls to Action.

Animation and Experiential

Animation is more than simple rollovers and pop-ups; it can be an integral part of overall design. Design elements may move in from the side or top or fade-in, and they are often activated when scrolling down the page.

Navigation Transformation

Getting around a website can be an experience all its own. Main navigation may still be at the top of the page, but secondary navigation structures may vary from nav bars to animated graphic elements and slideshows.

Outstanding Content

Both graphics and written content are website elements that have stepped up their game. Images are realistic and contribute to the storytelling, graphics, and strong design elements. Written content is an engaging conversation with online visitors.

Strategy Critical to User Experience

A good User Experience doesn’t happen by accident. It takes solid planning and strategy to build a website that is true to a brand and creates a great user experience. Every element of a website is planned from content to how visitors move through a site and respond to Calls to Action.

Ten websites that deliver outstanding design, user experience, and engagement.

Nutritional Weight and Wellness Centers

Nice, clean design with graphics that jump off the page. The slider runs in the background with three graphically CTAs. We especially like the header that includes a quality image of fresh berries or vegetables in an area that could have been blank. The color scheme feels positive and energetic and helps delineate the sections of the homepage and interior pages. See Nutritional Weight & Wellness

Nutritional Weight & Wellness Centers

PosiCharge | Procore

With its black background and worker images, this site is geared toward men. The slideshow helps sell the brand and products. Multiple Calls to Action and quality writing educate and encourage visitors to take action. Slide-in graphics demonstrate cost savings when using the product. Videos are placed strategically on the homepage to help educate customers. Great site! See PosiCharge/Procore


MBT Physiological Footwear

The homepage slider is a winner with is four stylized sections that rotate the slides, making the slider interactive. The dropdown menu matches the graphics in the slider. To trigger a video, the visitor clicks on an arrow, which slides to a corner. Nice, clean site that’s fun to visit. See MBT

MBT Physiological Footwear

Blue Sky eLearning

We love the video/slideshow at the top of this website with its astronaut’s view of the world. The site includes two nav bars: one above and one below the slideshow. A second slideshow uses multicolored tabs to move from one information slide to another. Well-branded site that is informative and captivating. See Blue Sky eLearning

Blue Sky eLearning

Dalian on the Park

This is a “Home-Sweet-Home” of a site. Designed for a high-end residential community, the site draws visitors into the site through high-end images and well-developed copy. A true brochure site, the classic Roman font is tan with a gradient overlay to appear as real gold. The amenities section includes images with text that are activated when rolled over and converts to a slideshow in mobile view. Delightful website! See Dalian on the Park

Dalian on the Park

Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

An eye-catching video that immediately states the company value proposition kicks off the homepage. Navigation includes a video overlay with icons for each major section of the site. Scrolling down is one great user experience after another with rollovers that “grow,” social links that use images with rollovers,and unique blog lists. This is a terrific law firm website that is completely “out of the box” for a conservative industry. See MSK

MSK Law Firm

Darden Architects

A very creative website for a creative business. Land on the homepage for an intro video with an angle and an engaging question “What would you like to see?” A second slider includes four different sized images and project name rollovers per slide – very clever. Be delighted by the Leadership, Articles and Careers box that finishes off this brochure-style homepage. Kudos on this creative and enjoyable site. See Darden Architects

Darden Architects

Dantastic Food

Delicious homepage slideshow images for this “food styling” company. Appealing graphics throughout, image rollovers that link to internal pages. Well-branded, this site enables visitors to experience the food stylist through his genuine blog articles, engaging copy, and quality images. This site all about images and visually enjoying food. Fun site that will have you begging for “seconds.” See Dantastic Foods

Dantastic Foods

Olam SVI

Grower and processor of healthy foods, Olam SVI’s website beautifully illustrates their food products and where the foods are grown. Quality images and unique contemporary design with engaging rollovers are impressive. Even the link to the video page is unique. Creative, fun, and engaging brochure website. See Olam SVI

Olam SVI

Marbella and M2

A luxury site for lux apartments. The exceptional slideshow includes unique transitions with overlay and links to internal pages. The menu drops down from an icon in the header for all pages. The location page features an interactive map of the neighborhood and list of services. Sort through available apartments and see floor plans – by move in date. Fun, engaging, and very appealing to their target audience. See Marbella & M2

Marbella & M2

Are you inspired yet? Upgrade or rebuild your website with ideas from these terrific websites. Want to know more about websites? Reach out to us or leave a comment below. We’d love to talk web design!

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 Alexandra Heseltine | Marketing pro and creative director with over 25 years experience working with mid-sized to larger businesses and non-profits with experience in the construction, legal, banking and B2B sectors.

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